Thursday, January 3, 2013

Imperial America Part II: Where is American democracy now?



The idea of government existing to carry out the will of the people has been perverted by a minority who claimed unprecedented benefits for themselves at the unprecedented expense of everyone else.

If the test of a true democracy is whether any charismatic candidate can come out of the woodwork and stand a chance for election to public office, then America is about as democratic as a country can be. The democracy-eating antics of the post 911 caused the United States to toss the core democratic principles. 

Now we have an imperial government.

America is under imperial rule by a majority of White men who hold contempt for the will of the people and who have no respect for the democratic process that put them into power.

Start with virtual dictatorial powers that were once assigned to the Bush administration,  add in extreme ideological polarization and  hidden political agendas in court decisions. Bring in the shadowy and unelected forces that have dictated law and policy for decades.  

Top it all off with a corrupted and thoughtless legislative process that came from the Republican Party pandering to a handful of extremists who represent a tiny minority of Americans.  

Those extremists came into power because of free advertising from CNN, FOX news and talk radio. The media aided and abetted the takeover of our government.

The Supreme Court went beyond adjudicating the law by making the law when it stole the 2000 election and handed it to King Bush II. 

King Bush II set into motion the events that led to an imperial government, a government that is accountable to no one but shadowy overlords, like the Koch Brothers and the NRA, who meet in secret.

The media, King Bush II, the House, the Senate and the gullible, fear-driven people created an imperial democracy. 


Our Imperial Democracy is a grand and catastrophic departure from democratic principles.

Public discourse devolved into unregulated, false and negative output that originated with the corporations and was shoveled out to the masses by the mainstream media. 

Charismatic political opportunists discovered that they could gain vastly more wealth and power for themselves if they could convince local voters to elect them. 

Fake grassroots organizations, financed by shadowy corporate interests, wrote boilerplate law, financed pet legislatures and had the boilerplate laws passed

With a minimum of human support, they gained enormous power to cause incredible damage while inciting the worst of human thought and behavior.

The imperial rulers eliminated the opposition by gerrymandering political districts to favor themselves, by passing unconstitutional laws and by stealing votes. 

They funded fake grassroots organizations like ALEC. ALEC lawyers wrote the law. Legislators who had their campaigns paid for by ALEC passed the laws. Some of them never read the laws.

They pointed fingers and screamed like children to destroy organizations like ACORN, an organization that helped the opposition voters. Many still believe the lies that are told about ACORN.

 At the same time, the imperial rulers pardoned themselves or held themselves unaccountable for their own sins and crimes. They became the national distraction, the court jesters and the political entertainment. They drew public support for imperial rule.  


The idea of the corporation as a player in the free marketplace was replaced by the corporation as the sole client of our government. 

The legislators who are charged with regulating industry set out to deregulate industry. Greed motivated them. The good of the nation is a repugnant idea to them. Permanent pensions from four years in the House or Senate, the lobbying or corporate jobs that will follow, and their own enrichment is their imperial privilege.

No one talks about recovering the funds that were looted from the US treasury and the Social Security trust funds. This money would virtually eliminate the national debt. The same politicians who diverted those funds into private pockets are more focused on demonizing the people, lying about their challengers and dismantling social programs than they are on returning our money to our treasury.

They insist that the people must make up the difference.

Those slick operators tell us that their looting is, of course, for our own good. They repeat these mantras even when they are caught in lie after lie. They do not listen to the people. They hold the people in contempt.

Representatives from the least productive states in the union gained a disproportionate share of the national power and media attention.  

Many of these states are revenue negative for federal funds, yet they produced a bumper crop of the loudest, most disturbed and most bizarre politicians. Those politicians are traitors to the government. They blather openly about destroying our government and get away with it, yet they point fingers and scream like girls, lying about others and falsely accusing their enemies with impunity.

Yet the those who have achieved such media power show no remorse for their bankrupting policies. They do not offer coherent or functional plans of their own, yet they never stop attacking their enemies with vague statements and false claims.

The Republicans, some Democratic Party members and various cronies advocate imperial rule without accountability

Political predators convince with lies and win by cheating because they intend to become imperial rulers. Imperial rulers cannot break a law or violate a moral code because no laws or codes apply to them. Such things are imposed by them on others.

 When confronted about their illegal style of power mongering, they dodge the question, hold a tantrum and lie.

The political opportunists want followers simply because they demand a following.They cannot tolerate opposition. They cannot stand disagreement with their way of thinking.

The imperial rulers cannot compromise. Compromise is the cornerstone of any democracy that represents a diverse people, but not if one is an imperial thinker. Supremacy in all things is the only important goal.

The tools of manufactured rage and deviant belief.

There is an overload of manufactured paranoia,  manufactured rage, deviant beliefs and hatred of the rules... but only certain rules. These tricks work on the weak minded and the morally challenged.

The experts of social engineering know this and are very good at using these tools.

The experts know that, if you repeat a lie often enough, then people will believe it. Tell the lie boldly enough and people will believe it. 

Tell the ex-pageant queen news reader to put the right tone of fear into her voice and the viewers will be afraid. Slant the story in a way that induces rage or distrust and you will get rage and distrust.

Yell "fire!" in a theater and you will start a stampede. Be the first to talk about events and you will control the public reaction. 

Use the media effectively to become a powerful imperial ruler.

The traditional media is the tool of the Corporation, the wealthy and the political elites. 

The media is no longer the final arbiter of what we need to know. The media is the final arbiter of what we need to believe, and has no intention of letting the truth out so it can set us free. 

The web is the new final arbiter of what we need or want to know.  

For every lie that is told, someone may come along with a better lie or the truth. The web is powerful enough to serve as command, control and communications for national revolutions. The web is dangerous enough to help the imperial rulers to identify, confuse and oppress all who use it.

Eventually the people will tire of imperial democracy, but the cumulative effects of mid term election complacency could make it impossible to restore democracy. 

When the democratic process cannot be restored, the nation cannot survive.

Curiously, as democracy dawns in the totalitarian states of the world, the most democratic nation in history is falling over the cliff and sliding down to imperial rule. 

Get ready for more from those unaccountable power mongers who hold contempt, not just for the will of the people, but for the people themselves.

Mitt Romney came very close to being the president of the former United States of America. Had he not been caught unawares, his hidden imperial nature would never have been revealed to the people until it was much too late.



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