Sunday, January 27, 2013

Internet reading is different reading: Part One

Photo by Xenonlit

Internet reading is different reading. A book reader picks up a physical object, reads the contents and put the book away when finished. Books pile up and gather dust until the asthma attacks force the reader to straighten up that mess.

Decorators love to pile books on tables in artistic arrangements. This looks nice but is not that exciting. Decorators once got greedy and started hawking "books by the yard". That lasted until the Design Mafia stepped in. A bloody battle left the streets littered with bits of silk Dupioni and decorated body parts.

Internet reading created a mega extreme tsunami of content that can not be stopped. Internet readers do not click on words like "tidal wave of content". They click on words that have power, like:

A vortex of ultimate content
A Tardis of content
A Vampire/zombie invasion of undead content 
The only physical object book readers are burdened with is the book, but a computer attracts tiny toys, writing instruments, snack foods and outrageous coffee cups.

Photo by  Warren Noronha

Traditional readers get information in discrete and well focused packets of  static text and frozen images. Internet readers get Harry Potter newspapers, awful videos, LoLKatZ, mind numbing graphics and grinding sound to overwhelm the senses. 


The only thing missing is "Smell-o-vision".

Internet readers changed the way they get information by developing  attention deficits and Google brains. It is easy to change focus with the click of a mouse. Internet readers are wildly digressive when investigating a subject. 


Wikipedia brain allows us to start with Henry VIII and end with some earlier joker named Aldfrith. (He was a Northumbrian gang banger.) And where do Quantum Dots fit into all of this? Who cares? It's all good and no one had to leave their seat to grab another book!

Rejoice, internet readers, for you have the world and the universe before your eyes. You need not worry about staining the page, breaking the spine or storing the bulky book!

You need not worry about anything at all, because you can invoke the gift of attention deficit and click your troubles away! 



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